Ed Ruscha - 'Here and Now'

April 13 - June 30, 2024

Gemini is pleased to present our upcoming exhibition with Ed Ruscha, 'Here and Now.' A curated selection of works by Ruscha will be on view in our downstairs gallery.

The exhibition celebrates the artist's major retrospective at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), which has traveled from the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA).


Press Release

Available Works in Exhibition

  • ER16-5404
    Ed Ruscha (ER16-5404)
    Note, 2018
  • ER15-1636
    Ed Ruscha (ER15-1636)
    Unstructured Merriment, 2016
  • ER12-1619
    Ed Ruscha (ER12-1619)
    We The People, 2012
  • ER11-1605
    Ed Ruscha (ER11-1605)
    Liberty, 2011
  • ER08-1577
    Ed Ruscha (ER08-1577)
    Here and Now, 2008
  • ER08-1579
    Ed Ruscha (ER08-1579)
    All Points, 2008
  • ER06-1537
    Ed Ruscha (ER06-1537)
    A Columbian Necklace, 2007
  • ER06-1538
    Ed Ruscha (ER06-1538)
    I Have Not Forgotten, 2007
  • ER04-1511
    Ed Ruscha (ER04-1511)
    Other, 2004
  • ER02-1500
    Ed Ruscha (ER02-1500)
    Column with Speed Lines, 2003
  • ER01-5289
    Ed Ruscha (ER01-5289)
    Pico and Sepulveda, 2001
  • ER98-1406
    Ed Ruscha (ER98-1406)
    Bolt I, 1998
  • ER98-1407
    Ed Ruscha (ER98-1407)
    Bolt II, 1998
  • ER98-1409
    Ed Ruscha (ER98-1409)
    Bolt IV, 1998
  • ER90-1244
    Ed Ruscha (ER90-1244)
    Main Street, 1990
  • ER74-5092
    Ed Ruscha (ER74-5092)
    Open, from the Tropical Fish Series, 1975
  • ER74-5093
    Ed Ruscha (ER74-5093)
    Air Water Fire, from the Tropical Fish Series, 1975