Art Basel 2020 Miami Beach Online Viewing Room

December 2 - 6

Gemini G.E.L. is pleased to present new editions by Tacita Dean, Toba Khedoori and Analia Saban, as well as recent editions by Julie Mehretu. Past editions from artists who represent the history of Gemini G.E.L. include works by Jasper Johns and Philip Guston.

Available Works in Exhibition

  • PG79-912
    Philip Guston (PG79-912)
    Group, 1981
  • JM17-3565
    Julie Mehretu (JM17-3565)
    Six Bardos: Last Breath, 2018
  • AS19-3574
    Analia Saban (AS19-3574)
    This One (Edition of 25), 2020
  • AS19-3575
    Analia Saban (AS19-3575)
    This One (Edition of 50), 2020
  • AS19-3576
    Analia Saban (AS19-3576)
    This One (Edition of 100), 2020
  • AS19-3591
    Analia Saban (AS19-3591)
    Flowchart (Mountain), 2020
  • AS19-3592
    Analia Saban (AS19-3592)
    Pong, 2020