Richard Serra

April 11 - July 2, 2015

Gemini G.E.L. is very pleased to announce Reversals, an exhibition of ten new Paintstik works. Serra’s Reversals are comprised of two sheets of handmade paper to which a Paintstik and silica mixture is applied by hand. These sheets are then framed as a single work. In his signature style, Serra uses black Paintstik to build bold, densely layered forms that absorb light, creating a strong sense of gravity, weight and mass. 

Serra has long been acclaimed for his challenging, innovative work and his large-scale, site-specific sculpture. Employing industrial materials, he explores the dialogue between artwork, environment and viewer. Since 1972, Serra has collaborated on over 250 editions with Gemini. 

Available Works in Exhibition

  • RS14-4004
    Richard Serra (RS14-4004)
    Reversal III, 2015
  • RS14-4006
    Richard Serra (RS14-4006)
    Reversal V, 2015
  • RS14-4007
    Richard Serra (RS14-4007)
    Reversal VI, 2015
  • RS14-4008
    Richard Serra (RS14-4008)
    Reversal VII, 2015
  • RS14-4009
    Richard Serra (RS14-4009)
    Reversal VIII, 2015
  • RS14-4010
    Richard Serra (RS14-4010)
    Reversal IX, 2015
  • RS14-4011
    Richard Serra (RS14-4011)
    Reversal X, 2015