Analia Saban: Point to Line to Object to Stack

Open by appointment November 2nd

Gemini G.E.L. is pleased to present its third collaboration with Los Angeles-based artist Analia Saban featuring six new etchings. Saban's previous works at Gemini have explored the physical processes of printmaking, investigating materials and reimagining new ways to make a print.  In this latest series, Saban delves into more conceptual ideas, considering the steps involved in creating and presenting an edition.  The resulting works call attention to these norms in a thoughtful and refreshing way.


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Available Works in Exhibition

  • AS19-3574
    Analia Saban (AS19-3574)
    This One (Edition of 25), 2020
  • AS19-3575
    Analia Saban (AS19-3575)
    This One (Edition of 50), 2020
  • AS19-3576
    Analia Saban (AS19-3576)
    This One (Edition of 100), 2020
  • AS19-3590
    Analia Saban (AS19-3590)
    Flowchart (Leaves), 2020
  • AS19-3591
    Analia Saban (AS19-3591)
    Flowchart (Mountain), 2020
  • AS19-3592
    Analia Saban (AS19-3592)
    Pong, 2020