John Baldessari
The News

September 26 - November 7, 2014

Gemini G.E.L. is pleased to present an exhibition of six new screenprints by John Baldessari, entitled The News.

Baldessari created the imagery for The News by mining newspapers every morning for compelling images and pairing them with his own captions for other photographs within the same paper. In his signature style, Baldessari and his staff manipulated the images and text to create unexpected, evocative narratives and social commentary.


Available Works in Exhibition

  • JBA13-5366
    John Baldessari (JBA13-5366)
    The News: Three Men Leaving House..., 2014
  • JBA13-5367
    John Baldessari (JBA13-5367)
    The News: Person Holding Umbrella..., 2014
  • JBA13-5368
    John Baldessari (JBA13-5368)
    The News: Four Young People Looking at Pieces of Paper, 2014
  • JBA13-5369
    John Baldessari (JBA13-5369)
    The News: A Young Boy Being Fitted for a Gas Mask..., 2014
  • JBA13-5370
    John Baldessari (JBA13-5370)
    The News: Elderly Woman Slicing Apple..., 2014
  • JBA13-5371
    John Baldessari (JBA13-5371)
    The News: Four Ducks Standing on a Bench, 2014