Art Basel 2020 Online

June 17 - 26, 2020

Gemini G.E.L. is pleased to present a selection of recently completed projects by Julie Mehretu and Richard Serra, as well as past editions by artists that represent the history of Gemini G.E.L.  Featured artists include John Baldessari, Sam Francis, Ellsworth Kelly, Roy Lichtenstein, Bruce Nauman, Robert Rauschenberg, Susan Rothenberg, Analia Saban, and others.




Art Basel Online Viewing Room (Opens to the public June 19th, 2020).

Available Works in Exhibition

  • JBA12-5351
    John Baldessari (JBA12-5351)
    Eight Soups: Black Bean Soup, 2012
  • JBA12-5354
    John Baldessari (JBA12-5354)
    Eight Soups: Tomato Soup, 2012
  • RL90-5196
    Roy Lichtenstein (RL90-5196)
    Wallpaper with Blue Floor Interior, 1992
  • BN83-2123
    Bruce Nauman (BN83-2123)
    (Untitled), 1987
  • RR90-172
    Robert Rauschenberg (RR90-172)
    Borealis Shares I, 1990
  • SR04-1513
    Susan Rothenberg (SR04-1513)
    K, 2004
  • AS17-3560
    Analia Saban (AS17-3560)
    Wooden Floor on Wood (One-Point Perspective), 2017
  • RS17-4046
    Richard Serra (RS17-4046)
    Composite X, 2019
  • RS17-4053
    Richard Serra (RS17-4053)
    Composite XVII, 2019