John Baldessari
20 Years With Gemini

September 26 - November 7, 2014

On view concurrently with the exhibition of John Baldessari The News, the upstairs gallery featured a selection of works surveying Baldessari's 20 year collaboration with the Gemini workshop.

Baldessari began collaborating with Gemini in the early 90's constructing collages of color photographs using a combination of lithography and screenprinting. In subsequent projects he engaged in a self-described brinkmanship - pushing and testing the limits of printmaking techniques and aesthetics. Baldessari continues to make pioneering work, developed over five decades of conceptual practice in great depth and breadth.

Available Works in Exhibition

  • JBA12-5351
    John Baldessari (JBA12-5351)
    Eight Soups: Black Bean Soup, 2012
  • JBA10-5330
    John Baldessari (JBA10-5330)
    Foot and Stocking (With Big Toe Exposed): Fran, 2010
  • JBA10-5333
    John Baldessari (JBA10-5333)
    Foot and Stocking (With Big Toe Exposed): Phil, 2010
  • JBA10-5334
    John Baldessari (JBA10-5334)
    Foot and Stocking (With Big Toe Exposed): Shelly, 2010
  • JBA91-1266
    John Baldessari (JBA91-1266)
    One and Three Persons (with Two Contexts - One Chaotic), 1994/2012
  • JBA91-1267
    John Baldessari (JBA91-1267)
    Jump (with Volcano), 1994/2012
  • JBA91-1269
    John Baldessari (JBA91-1269)
    Keys (with Intrusion), 1994
  • JBA91-1271
    John Baldessari (JBA91-1271)
    Two Bowlers (with Questioning Person), 1994
  • JBA91-1272
    John Baldessari (JBA91-1272)
    Two Sunsets (One with Square Blue Moon), 1994
  • JBA90-1246
    John Baldessari (JBA90-1246)
    Man with Snake (Blue and Yellow), 1991