Roy Lichtenstein: Selections

July 12 - September 17, 2021

Gemini G.E.L. is pleased to present a selection of works by Roy Lichtenstein.

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Available Works in Exhibition

  • RL95-5219
    Roy Lichtenstein (RL95-5219)
    Venetian School I, 1996
  • RL90-5196
    Roy Lichtenstein (RL90-5196)
    Wallpaper with Blue Floor Interior, 1992
  • RL90-1220
    Roy Lichtenstein (RL90-1220)
    Bedroom, 1991
  • RL80-944
    Roy Lichtenstein (RL80-944)
    Morton A. Mort, 1980
  • RL70-329
    Roy Lichtenstein (RL70-329)
    Litho/Litho, 1970