The Artist Observed


The Artist Observed: Photographs by Sidney B. Felsen is an intimate look at moments of artists at work and play. Culled from over 20,000 negatives taken during a nearly 35 year period, the book is evidence of a photographer trusted by artists to balance the privacy essential to their creativity with the importance of capturing historic events.  The portraits in the book are testament not only to Felsen’s talents as a photographer, but to the vitality of the relationships he developed with his subjects in the environment of dynamic collaboration that he created at Gemini.

The spirit of Gemini is best captured by the word “collaboration.” It’s about artists and printers working hand in hand to create works of art. This same spirit prevails when I take photos. There’s a trust extended by the artists, allowing me to share so many special moments with them. – Sidney Felsen


The Artist ObservedPhotographs by Sidney B. Felsen

By Constance W. Glenn

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