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When Gemini turned it's attention to conceptualism in the early 90's, John Baldessari
filled that need. He attacks the conventional wisdom about art and it's meaning.
He is more interested in making people take conceptual leaps from one source of
information to another, to see how they can fill in the gaps. He is known for his language-based art form, equating images with words to illuminate, confound and challenge their meanings.

His nine published works gave leverage to the ability of lithograph and screen print to cover broad expanses of color. One such example was shown in a 1994 series Gemini presented, titled: "Two Bowlers (with questioning person)".

John Baldessari Prints: Lithographs and Limited Edition Prints – Gemini G.E.L.

John Baldessari Prints Available

Gemini currently has a large selection of John Baldessari prints, original and limited edition prints available for purchase. Please browse our Currently Availability List to view our inventory of signed and numbered John Baldessari prints and original lithographs, etchings, silkscreen prints, and sculptures.

John Baldessari
God Nose, 2007
Casted aluminum, hand-painted.

36" x 37" x 6"
Edition of 25

John Baldessari Biography

John Baldessari was born June 17, 1931 in National City, California. He was an American artist whose work in altered and adjustable photographic imagery and video were central to the development of conceptual art in the United States. He attended San Diego State College where he earned his BA, and later, returned to get his MA. He also did postgraduate work at UC Berkeley, Chouinard Art Institute, and Otis Art Institute (where he was later honored with a Doctor of Fine Arts degree).

Originally, he was going to be an art critic, but became a central figure in the growth
of Los Angeles as a major art center. In addition to his art projects such as artist books, video, films, billboards and public works, he also taught at the California Institute of the Visual Arts in Valencia, California from 1970-1990. Then, joined the art faculty of UCLA.

Baldessari was considered one of the most conceptual artists of his time, working in
many genres. He did print work in the 60's, video in the 70's, and composite photo
collages in the 80's.

Though his videos weren't what made him famous, it certainly raised his profile with
the public. He used videos to bore deeply into the ideas of the interpretations of
perception and meaning. Many of his videos had a solemnity, but it was mixed with
absurdity...the one in which he "teaches a plant the alphabet", is an example. Sadly, today his videos are extremely rare due to the fact that he burned them all in 1970, for some strange reason known only to him.

Baldessari's keen interest in language-based art, initially led him to create great varieties of work, all of which were done in some combination of words, still images, and video. This art form was called, photo text canvas...or, words painted on canvas.

He is best known for works that blend photographic materials (such as film stills),
take them out of their original context and rearrange their form, often including the addition of words or sentences. His acute awareness of the ambiguities and the frailties of how a photo can communicate to the observer, shows a vast range of modes in which an image can be reorganized to be perceived in a variety of ways. In this way, his work both undercuts and reinforces the procedures of perception.

He likes to take commonly held beliefs of how images work, then... turn them upside down. Often, ways in which he achieves this, is by drawing the viewer's attention to minor details, the absence of something, or the spaces between things.

Baldessari's work has been shown in more than 200 solo exhibitions and over 900
group exhibitions in the United States and Europe. Some of his more recent major retrospectives have been held at the Tate museum in London, MOMA in New York, and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

He has received many honors through the years from prestigious institutions such as the following...


John Baldessari lives and works in Santa Monica, California.


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